Camper Policy


1) Jerusalem Chapel Camper’s Fund was established to send kids to Rhodes Grove camp. The Chapel will pay basic fees. Extras, specialty camp’s increased fee, late fees or cancellations will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian. Note: If a registered camper decides not to go to camp, they will forfeit their $50 registration fee.


2) Jerusalem Chapel will pay 100% for all “Chapel Kids” providing they help with three or more   fundraisers. A Chapel Kid who helps with only two fundraisers will receive 66% of his basic fees paid by the Chapel (one fundrasier – 33%). A “Chapel Kid” is one who attends worship, Sunday School, Kids For Christ, Middle or Senior High Youth regularly for three months prior to camp registration deadlines and is a full-time student when school is in session. Only one activity will be supported per individual each year.


3) Camp attendees, who do not regularly attend Jerusalem Chapel, are eligible for financial assistance as well. Their basic fees will be paid for according to the following schedule: One fundraiser=1/4 payment; Two fundraisers=1/2 payment; Three fundraisers=3/4; Four fundraisers (if available) = 100% payment by Chapel.


4) A single representative for a camp attendee is allowed to work in place of the participant at a given fundraiser provided they inform the Camp Secretary prior to the fundraiser whom they are working for. We welcome extra help for fundraisers, but only one individual can get credit for each prospective camp attendee.


5) Financially needy or special exceptions will be referred to a committee consisting of the Camp Secretary, Office Manager and Senior Pastor.


6) Each parent is responsible to make arrangements for the transportation of their child to and from camp. Parents are urged to carpool if that arrangement is acceptable to all parties involved.


7) Specialty fees, late fees or additional outstanding balances should be paid directly to the campground or brought with the child on the day of arrival to camp. Note: For those who choose not to participate in fundraisers equaling full payment of the base fee, the balance of the camp fee (1/3 or 1/4, etc.) will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian and will be required at check-in on the first day of camp.