Women’s Ministry


Kisses Krew is an outreach to support and encourage our local school teachers.  KISSES stands for Kindness is Simple, Supportive, Easy and Sweet.  Even the ‘craft challenged’ can help with these special gifts of encouragement.  All women are welcome to join in the fun as we reach out to our community with God’s love! Would you like to join the KISSES Krew?  For more details, contact Sue Waybright or the church office.

Lifelifters This group of gals meets a few times a year to connect and encourage our pastors’ wives. Between gatherings, however, is where the important part happens – prayer. If you have a sense of passion to uphold our pastors’ wives in prayer throughout the year, please consider becoming a Lifelifter. For more information, contact Pat Fry.
Secret Sisters is right around the corner.  Yes, that’s right!  This summer, we’ll enjoy secretly blessing others with simple gifts and our heart-felt prayers.  Here’s a few extra details about the Secret Sister’s Ministry.  We swap names and information with other ladies in the church family.  We bless our sister with a small gift ($5 for each month) – usually something from their list of favorites.  We pray for our sisters all summer long, and then we have a Reveal Night at the end of the summer.  On that night, we’ll all get together and reveal our secrets to each other.  It’s always a fun night of celebration and friendship!