Women’s Ministry

Son’Shine Sisters! 
This small-group Bible study began meeting at Gypsy Hill Park this summer. It Is now being held every other Monday at Cindy Shaner’s home. To learn more, please contact Jean Marshall for more details.  We are so excited to come have you join us!
~ Postponed ~ I Give Up!  A new small group Bible Study has formed and it filled up quickly. We are willing to put together a second group later this year. So, read on and see if this is something you’d like to participate in. (If so, let Jean Marshall or Annette Sites know and we’ll get you on the next list!) This study, featuring recording artist, Laura Story, will challenge us to trust God deeper and surrender our lives to His best. Jean Marshall will be our guide. There is workbook material for you to do at home which will help you consider the challenges each week – followed by a DVD lesson and discussion when we gather together. Here’s a link with even more details about the study material itself: https://www.christianbook.com/give-video-study-secret-surrendered-life/9780310103899/pd/0103899
~ Postponed ~ Create and Share!  We’re making quilt squares from our ‘Inspiration Quilt’ for single wall hangings. Once complete, they will be available for purchase (or by special order), and the proceeds will go to support the Camper Fund. This is a 95% no sew craft, so everyone can help out with the process. If you can trace, cut or iron, we can use your helping hands. Plus, we always have a great time sharing life, stories and friendship together as we work side by side. We have been meeting from 6:30 to 8:30 pm on the 2nd & 4th Mondays this Spring, and we’ll update those dates as needed in regard to COVID-19 restrictions. Watch for updates on the ‘home’ page about activities and events. To learn more, call the church office..

Kisses Krew  is an outreach to support and encourage our local school teachers.  KISSES stands for Kindness is Simple, Supportive, Easy and Sweet.  Even the ‘craft challenged’ can help with these special gifts of encouragement.  All women are welcome to join in the fun as we reach out to our community with God’s love! Would you like to join the KISSES Krew?  For more details, contact the church office.

Lifelifters This group of gals meets a few times a year to connect and encourage our pastors’ wives. Between gatherings, however, is where the important part happens – prayer. If you have a sense of passion to uphold our pastors’ wives in prayer throughout the year, please consider becoming a Lifelifter. For more information, contact Pat Fry.