Sunday School Classes for Adults

*Currently, there is only one class meeting at this time – due to COVID restrictions.

There are several adult-level classes to choose from and some short-term elective classes offered periodically. These classes are held from 9:45-10:45 a.m. weekly.

The Arthur Pilgrim ClassThis class is taught by Pastor George (Etling) who leads the class in Biblically-based discussions using traditional quarterly curriculum. The class is now meeting together again, but in a different format – every other Wednesday morning at a restaurant for a meal and a shortened Bible lesson. Once Sunday School restarts, the class will meet in the Arthur Pilgrim Classroom located on the lower level of the Christian Education Building when we are back to “normal.”
The ‘Be All You Can Be’ Class Class participants range from teens to Senior Citizens.  They gather weekly in the fellowship hall.  
The Messenger Class This class of women follows a small-group style of study often using Bible Study guide books and/or DVD-driven studies. Debbie Kauffman and Velma ‘Beanie’ Griffin lead this discussion and prayer/share group which is held in one of the basement classrooms (across from the fellowship hall).
The Open Door Class This class is comprised of individuals and couples ranging in age from new high school graduates to young singles and on to married couples. This class is held in the upper level of the Christian Education wing – in the ‘yellow’ room – and is led by Buddy Wagner.